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Ultimate Forex trading course for financial freedom

Hi, my name is John Singh. I wanted to personally invite you to my Forex trading course.

90 % of Forex traders are not profitable because they never develop their edge.

The edge is not about winning all the time but winning big ,losing small and being disciplined

This course is for beginners but all are welcome

About me

EDUCATION: BSC Computer Science from University of Natal, South Africa

BIO: I have worked in IT for 22 years. In 2005 I studied a stock broking course and started trading the stock market shortly thereafter. I started trading Forex in 2011. I have attended a trading course with master trader Courtney Smith and also read seven books and numerous websites of successful traders.

Benefits of Forex trading

24-Hour Market: Allows people with full time jobs to trade after hours

Lower Transaction Costs:The over the counter structure of FX eliminates exchange and clearance fees

Customizable Leverage: Leverage allows a trader to use the brokers money to trade.

Profit in bull and bear markets: Equal profit potential exists in both up or down markets

No Uptick Rule:If you want to short a currency pair, this can be done immediately without need for an uptick

Limited slippage:Instant execution of quotes which ensures the trader receives a fair price

Perfect for technical analysis:Currencies develop strong trends and rarely spend time in tight ranges

Course Content


All the jargon, terms and language of forex explained in an easy to understand way


Understand how world events, Country macro and micro-economics influence the price of currencies


How to read charts, technical patterns and market structure in order to forecast future price action


This section covers the thinking that is required to be successful in Forex and specific tactics to control impulses


Simple, effective and low risk trading strategies that are profitable if executed correctly


Risk and money management allows a person to have a long and sustainable Forex trading career


Low pricing with high value

The Forex Edge

Suitable for beginners

Forex terminology and concepts

Fundamental analysis

Technical analysis

Simple Trading strategy

Risk and money management

Psychology of trading

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